Save Bet: Some saving money tips are simple

Anyone who has ever tried to save money knows just how difficult it can be. But why is it so easy for some?

When you talk about “easy,” you have to put that term into perspective. “Easy” might be defined as someone who has money, and the rest of the world sits back in awe and wonders just why you can’t be the same way and how they did it with what seemed to be effortless.

The truth is those who save money with the greatest of ease aren’t supermen or superwomen, but rather have the whole saving money mindset with everything they do, and everything they buy or how they track both of those items.

It begins and ends with a budget, but beyond that they know how to save money in ways that aren’t difficult but common when you dig a little deeper than surface saving.

Food, surprisingly, is a cause for concern and one of the main reasons why you can’t save money. Ironically, it’s one of the easiest ways to save when you start to think about it.

First, you should be planning meals ahead of time and shopping accordingly. The biggest downfall as it relates to saving money and food is that you’re not necessarily overpaying but you’re paying twice.

You’re spending hundreds in groceries, and if you’re not thinking about your meals, you might end up throwing food away and losing hundreds via your garbage can. Furthermore, if you’re eating out at restaurants on top of the groceries, you’re planning and buying food in a store and also out, so what happens to the food in your fridge if you keep eating breakfast, lunch and dinner outside of your house.

In addition to saving money by not eating out, another simple way that the smart money managers use is their acumen and ability to cut out of their budget and modify accordingly. They may cancel cable in exchange for streaming, or make date night an actual night and not something that occurs every single weekend.

They’ll forgo the Starbucks in favor of Maxwell House, and they’ll buy their clothing in the offseason, such as that winter coat in April or the swim trunks in September.

No matter how you slice your savings, you can always do better. The once who do it best are the ones that look at it with a sense of casual common sense and no urgency, just in a way that is cool and calm, while of course they collect that extra money to save.

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