Smart Money: How to save in ways you never thought possible

Some will argue that saving money isn’t about spending less or even having a budget that works. Instead, they like to think that they’ll always have a leg up on the saving money mentality simply because they never stop looking for ways to make money.

Of course, you have to have a budget that takes into consideration how much you make and quite simply what you spend as far as expenses. If you’re obviously well over your expense amount versus what you’re taking home, then revenue streams are a moot point.

But if you’re someone who has budget carefully but wants to save more than the amount that is showing in the black, you’re always going to be on the prowl for paying a little more on those credit cards, putting a little more into your savings account and just having that peace of mind that a few hundred dollars can go longer than not having anything at all.

Most assume that making extra money simply means getting a second or even third job, but that isn’t always the case. You might have extra money just lying around and if you’re not adept at seeing it, you might miss cash on hand.

Think about your at home electronics (or even the on the go ones) and you’ll see a boat load of money that can be used to pay bills or put in your savings account. Your old cell phone is just asking to be traded in for cash, and the same goes for old PC’s, tablets and anything else gadget wise that might be considered outdated by those who have to have the latest and greatest but could be seen as valuable by others, yourself included.

When you talk about extra money and the idea of getting another job comes into play, you want to work smarter not harder. All the rage these days is becoming a driver part time and making your own schedule (Uber comes to mind immediately). That, coupled with other making money ideas, should adhere to your schedule, such as being a freelance writer or babysitting a neighboring child so you can walk to work. Furthermore, making money can be just about not spending double, and the easiest and most obvious example are those individuals and families that spend money on groceries and yet eat out at restaurants as well. Why not take the time to meal plan, rather than have that food sit, while you spend $20 on a dinner for one and up to $50 for a family of four.

No one can argue that saving money can be difficult but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep you eyes wide open for even the smallest way to earn just a little more

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