Satisfied customers: Why online coupons make consumers happy

Research is a thing of beauty. No matter what the subject matter at hand, you always get quite the viewpoint on, well, just about any topic that typically leads to discussion.

Including the use of online coupons.

That’s right, those online coupons and the sites that work directly with retailers and offer online coupon codes are actually responsible for making you happy.
A recent study showed that consumers who use online coupons and sites that deal directly in codes are nearly 40% happier while shopping versus those who don’t use the sites or perhaps still have a propensity to shop in the more traditional manner.

Seriously, though, who still likes the idea of clipping coupons the old fashioned way, particularly when you have sites like and that offer a slew of online promotions and deals that save you more than the paper copy variety, and make online shopping even easier than it already is?

And isn’t that really what consumers want?

Of course, any customer will tell you that they don’t walk into a store or buy online hoping to pay full price. The penchant for practicing the art of saving money is more important now than ever, what with even 30 something year olds worried about retirement and not having the means to do so at a reasonable age.

Saving money is paramount, so naturally online coupons and codes tend to push to the forefront when you’re about to buy a gift or start your holiday shopping. The real benefit of online coupons is not only the money saved, dollar earned or whatever phrase helps you sleep at night, but also the notion that you can save money, shop from home and have a variety of coupons from which to choose.

Far too often, coupons and savings are dictated in a manner that is take what you can get from only certain retailers. The beauty of, for instance,, is that you can search out which retailer you want and get more than just one coupon that is a take it or leave it endeavor.

Online codes often go above and beyond the norm, too, as far as the percentage off or dollar amount saved.

Simply put, the advantage of online coupons is vast, whether it is free shipping or the ability to compare the best deals for a retailer on coupon sites vying for your point and click.  The practicality of online coupons is you don’t have to lug around the paper version and are just a few steps away from buying what you want, when you want, at the deal you want from the comfort of your couch.

And, like studies show, you’ll be happier doing it.

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