Simple techniques: Why quick scan of budget could produce plenty of savings

The average budget is, well, average.

And by using the term “average,” you describe a budget exactly as the word itself would be defined.

Just OK.

Most of what holds back the average budget is the lack of attention to detail most put on it, specifically only focusing on the big ticket items, your car, house, school loan and other larger scale items and forgetting how small, incidental expenses are also costing you plenty of money.

But even beyond not accounting for your $2,000 per year coffee habit or the $5,000 you’re spending on lunch alone every day on your work break, you should really consider scanning your budget, taking the proverbial “fine tooth” comb and really finding even more ways to save on expenses and thus save money in the form of a savings account or nest egg for those unexpected costs.

When was the last time you perused your budget, really looked it over?

Did you happen to notice that elephant in the room in the form of your cable bill, costing you nearly $3,000 per year for television and internet? In today’s marketplace, you can get away with having entertainment of that same variety for a fraction of that cost. Traditional cable already is feeling tremendous pressure from streaming services, but if you take the time to do the research, you’ll find other alternatives to cable and satellite dish as well.

An extra $1,000 saved per year means another $20,000 if you decide to retire in 20 years. Simple math but yet such a hard time cutting that cable cord.

And when you’re done with saying so long to satellite or cable, you might want to take a look in your bedroom closet or wherever you keep your clothes. Now, this isn’t to suggest you should stop shopping altogether but rather rethink how you shop.

As much as you want to by the most perfect, pristine sweater in October just before the cold weather hits, consider buying clothes in the offseason months, and save that sweater buy for April and grab those shorts and tank tops in September. If you’re overly concerned with style, you can rest assured that doing this isn’t going to set you back fashion wise by more than a few mere months.

Your budget is only as good as the person running it, and that means making tough decisions. In the case of cutting the fat, that should be fairly easy when you consider what it is and how much you’re going to save.

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